1 Corinthians 1:18 a
1 Corinthians 1:18 b
John 8:32 a
John 8:32 b

Jesus met not only The Greatest Need of mankind, but He met EVERY Need man will EVER have.

It was only those that were in Need that Jesus so Freely Gave to. He Gave Sight only to those who were blind and Hearing only to those who were deaf. He only Healed the sick and He only Mended the hearts of those that were broken. Jesus only set those who were captive FREE and He only Gave Liberty to those who were bound. Jesus Only Saved those who were Lost and He only Gave Rest to those who were weary. If you are in Need today - you are the very one Jesus Came to so Freely Give to.

What do you have Need of Today? Whatever the Need, Jesus has already Provided Provision for that Need through His Finished Work At Calvary.

The Cross of Christ is still The Power of God Today.​​​​​​
There is Nothing that The Blood of Jesus can not Forgive or Heal