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John 8:32 a
John 8:32 b

We are so glad you stopped by to be with us today.  Our prayer is that you would be thoroughly Blessed in the Fellowship of the Love of Christ with fellow Believers who are determined to know nothing but Jesus Christ and Him Crucified

We also pray, if you have never experienced The Love of The Lord Jesus Christ by The Blood and The Power of His cross that TODAY would be The Day of your Salvation - and The Day of your Victory!

We hope that The True Message of Faith on our website will be a step towards truly knowing and understanding The Truth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and His Love for us that was so clearly shown through His Finished Work at Calvary.

We do not preach man-made doctrines made up of nothing more than law and works, nor do we preach and turn the whole church over to terribly flawed man-made books. We preach The Word of God which is a living, breathing, powerful revelation of absolute Truth.

We do not aspire to make ourselves of any reputation among men, but we are simply and humbly excited to teach and preach The Truth according to The Word of God. The Truth is found in The Message of the cross and The Blood of Jesus that was so abundantly shed for us.

If you would like to join us in spreading This Great Gospel Truth to the ends of the earth please help us by donating and remembering us daily in your prayers. 

Service Times:

Sunday Morning Services             10:00 AM

Monday Night Prayer Meeting        7:00 PM

Wednesday Night Services            6:40 PM

Cross Time Monday & Friday        12 NOON

There is Nothing that The Blood of Jesus can not Forgive or Heal